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This site will show you a good variety of Orders and Medals that do exist in the world today. This is a task that will never be complete.

The speciality of this site is the orders and medals from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Currently doing some needed upgrades to these webpages. Click the 3 lines up to the left hand side and you see the hidden main menu. From this page it will take you to the main sections. In the main sections there will some change to the menu. If you go to Norway you will find the sub menu items for the Norwegian orders as well. Same for the other main sections. I will add a lot of new variants to current order listings. If you are interested in the subject please send an email if you have additional informations, corrections, photos, etc.

Please enjoy!

The famous Kai Meyer collection

Norway 1906-1937 a variants

Norway 1942 variants (made by Spink in London) and test of zoom image - please click on images to see larger photos