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The Swedish Order of the North Star
The Order of the North Star was until 1975 intended as a reward for Swedish and foreign "civic merits, for devotion to duty, for science, literary, learned and useful works and for new and beneficial institutions". The cross of the order is of the Maltese type and was originally worn in a black sash; since 1975 the sash is blue with yellow edges. The emblem bears the device of the order, "Nescit occasum" (It knows no decline.)

This order also has a medal, "the North Star Medal". As from 1975, the Order of the Polar Star is presented t o foreign nationals or stateless persons.

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Brillianted North Star items

Knight Badge 1830 w/diamonds
Ex King Karl XIV Johan.

Brillianted Knight for Maurits Salin 1887
This was awarded to Professor Maurits Salin in 1887. He was the private medical doctor of King Oscar II.


Collar 1820?

Collar 1870

Graf Klenau auction 1974.

Collar 1890?
Graf Klenau auction 1974.

Grand Cross Stars

Embroidered Grand Cross Star 1790?
Graf Klenau auction 1974.

Embroidered Grand Cross Star 1800?
KMO exhibition at the Swedish Royal Castle spring 2006.

Grand Cross Star 1820?
Graf Klenau auction 1974.

Grand Cross Star 1850?
Very intricate Grand Cross Star. Punctured sections are inserted into the arms of the body of the star in order to make good visual effects. The body acts like a mirror through the puntured/drilled holes. This is a very nice object of high quality.

Grand Cross Star 1871 model

Grand Cross Star 1880
Graf Klenau auction 1974.

Grand Cross Star 1959

Commander Stars

Commander Star 1800 ??

Commander Star 1880?
Graf Klenau auction 1974.

Commander or Grand Cross Badges

Commander Badge 1790
This is the Commander badge. Grand Cross was not introduced til much later. Only about 25 Commanders were assigned at any time.

Commander Badge 1800?

Commander Badge 1871 model
This is a standard Carlman model for a long period.

Knight Badges

Knight Badge 1830 w/diamonds
Ex King Karl XIV Johan.

Knight Badge 1810?

Knight Badge 1830 w/diamonds
Ex King Karl XIV Johan.

Knight Badge Prince Type 1860?
This is the Carlman cravatte hinge.

Knight 2 Badges

Knight 2 today


Miniature North Star

Diplomas and Signatures

The Order of the North Star - Signatures
Signatures on Award Diplomas.


The following contains .pdf reports made for the Swedish Order of the North Star.

North Star composite image report

This is a generic report with the front of the order and highlighted details. This report makes a good overview of the order.

North Star Front image report

This report is a listing of front images of the order making comaparison easier.

North Star Reverse image report
North Star Crowns image report

This and the following reports are reports on specific parts for comparison. By using this it is much easier to see even minute differences to help identify the time order was awarded or which jeweller made the order.

North Star Hinge image report
North Star Lion image report
North Star Text image report
North Star small Os image report
North Star Hallmark image report
North Star Swords image report