St Olav Orders


1961 - today (J. Tostrup/David Andersen - Olav V/Harald V, silver gilt, square shaped "O"s)

1985: The Order no longer awarded to foreign nationals except for foreign Royals and Heads of State. The Norwegian Order of Merit instituted in 1985 by King Olav V as a new separate Order to be awarded to foreigners and Norwegians permanently residing abroad for outstanding services to Norway.

1994: David Andersen in Oslo appointed as the new Royal Court Jeweler for the Order.

1961 Commander Badge

1974 Commander Badge front view - Click to make larger1974 Commander Badge back view - Click to make larger1974 Commander hallmark on loop view - Click to make larger

The 1961 series are made of silver (925S) coated by gold. It can be identified on the squared O's between the arms on the badge. The hallmark stamp from the top loop is shown at the picture to the right. It is hallmarked with JT925S.